The IPA will provide the framework necessary and offer facilitation training to the members of all CPGs nationwide. These will be volunteer groups comprised of a full spectrum cross-section of personality types from the community who have expertise in one or more areas and who can bring their experience, knowledge and wisdom to each of the groups in development. Each CPG will consist of the following parts or spokes:

Natural Health & Wellness and the Healing of the People and Nation

This spoke allows members to share all aspects of health, from food health, natural medicine, exercise, relaxation techniques and non-invasive healing treatments, based on an understanding that “disease” manifests as a consequence of the body being “ill at ease”. The intent is to maintain wellness and regain healthy balance as necessary, which then becomes the foundation of our prosperity.

Community Finance and Business

This spoke will be attractive to those individuals and groups who are interested in developing alternative currencies/banking models for their communities to springboard new projects coming from the CPGs. Living wage principles and development of local co-operatives can then become a reality.

Law and Governance – Know your rights

There is a distinct lack of education on law and people’s rights in Ireland. This spoke provides a facility for members to share their knowledge with other members in this area, empowering people as they discover who they truly are in relation to law and their inalienable rights. Alternative, self-governance and administrative models can be developed with guidance from trained facilitators.

Co-Operative Food Growing

Each CPG can liase with existing local groups, e.g. GIY [Grow It Yourself], to assist in educating and developing facilities for growing your own organic produce and with the help of local experts. Local markets can be utilized to encourage polyculture and provide for produce to be sold.

Enterprise, Innovation and Infrastructure

For the more technically-minded members this spoke will create the space for all ages of innovators, inventors, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs etc. to share ideas and collaborate locally. Using breaking technologies, local members can develop software/hardware, renewable energy (solar/wind/hydro) and affordable housing projects to name but a few ideas.

Protection of Nature and Resources

For the conservationists in our localities to become more organized and effective on a local level to help protect wildlife, plant life and natural resources, including a clean and safe water supply.

Music and Culture

This spoke will offer the facility for local musicians and artists to come together and collaborate to rejuvenate music and creative arts in their local area with the help of the CPGs. Festivals and exhibitions can be organized on a regular basis to help inspire and encourage the local populace into joining the association and contribute their own skills and latent talents.

Knowledge Exchange – [Bank of Ideas]

This spoke will provide the function of collating all of the proposals from the other spokes and provide a voting platform to the members, allowing through meritocracy the best ideas to rise to the top. Members can collaborate with other members on projects of mutual interest, ensuring the best possible success rate in completion. Also, a database of proposals can be cross-referenced in this section with other parts of the country for similar ideas to avoid duplication and to help create networks between localities.


The IPA recognizes the importance of putting principles at the centre of the collective effort. Putting principles first over personalities ensures stability. When disagreements arise, point to the principles and see which ones are not being honored. This process keeps meetings intact and productive, while ensuring dominant personalities do not overshadow less forceful types, allowing all voices to be heard through active listening and sharing techniques managed by trained facilitators. The first meeting of any local CPG will begin in unity by discussing and agreeing on the principles of how their unique CPG will organize and develop.

Example Principles and Core Values

Equality, Justice, Transparency, Initiative, Vision, Inclusiveness, Honesty, Accountability, Accessability, Clear Communications, Fairness, Integrity, Responsibility, Balance, Cohesiveness, Do No Harm, Compassion, Empathy, Individual Power and Authority.