Éirebank is an online interest-free community trading platform. It is token based system were IPA members have access to A (Aire)500 worth of tokens on sign-up. These tokens can be drawn down at any stage and used within the private IPA/Éirebank network hub. Éirebank is a “gifting” platform, where on joining the IPA the locality “gifts” you up to A500. You then gift the equivalent tokens you have drawn down from the locality, within an agreed time-frame, back to the locality through prospective local projects you have pledged Aire tokens to, based on their merit through a voting process in the IPA network hub.. When you “gift” your tokens back to a project 5% of that gift goes into your local CPG local trust which is completely transparent and available for all to view who are members of that local CPG.

Éirebank allows you to trade directly with other IPA users without a middleman involved or interest being charged. It is an encrypted, secure service whereby you can trade goods, services or your time for Aires. You can also buy into the system with you euros. If you buy in you get 11 Aires for 10 euro. If you decide to buy back out again you get 10 euros for 11 Aire. Your ability to network and trade is limitless. It is all up to you imagination and energy.

*The Éirebank system is still in development at this time.