The Circle Way

A one day workshop

The Irish People’s Association is now offering a one day workshop in the art of The Circle Way. The old top table system of the recent past is no longer fit for purpose. If we are to create the world we want of peace, harmony and prosperity, we must train ourselves in the art of sitting in circle in humility. With patience and understanding that every voice is important in the circle.

Everyone who wishes to speak should be heard and the correct process for the best possible outcome should be respected. Become a trained facilitator within the IPA network and help create loving, functioning circles for community development.

Contact James on – 089 4288236 for more information.

“Get involved!”

IPA Press Release – December 11, 2022

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Please read our comprehensive press release which highlights crimes that have been committed against the people of our nation since March 2020.

The images below are the three letter process and the Notices that are referenced in the Press Release. There is also a link to download all four documents in a zip file. Please share far and wide.

Attachments:   Click to download

Direct links:

Press Release
Notice of Liability
Notice of Dishonor
Notice of Agreement
Archive – zip file:   Press Release and all attached Notices

Update: December 16, 2022

Pauline, Jennifer, Ollie and James deliver the IPA Press Release Live in
Cahir, Co. Tipperary on December 11, 2022

Website update in progress

Good news! Finally, we now have the opportunity to spend a bit of time and effort to give the Irish People’s Association website a solid ground on which to build a really useful portal to keep everyone up to date on the various projects that Community Prosperity Groups are progressing. As well as an information resource that new members and groups will need to keep up to speed on how the project works.

There’s also a shortcut, or a friendly name that you can use to easily reach this website – We’re still in the very early stages with these updates, so your patience is appreciated.